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Rabies- The Grim Reaper of Human Population

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What is rabies and why do we at Carotidvet Animal Health Services Ltd care so much about its eradication?

Do you know that a whooping 40000 – 70000 rabies-related deaths are recorded annually worldwide?  Are you aware that majority of these cases occur as a result of bites from infected dogs which could have been protected through routine vaccination?

Rabies is a disease of mammals that is caused by a virus. The saliva of a rabid dog contains an enormous amount of rabies virus which is often transmitted to humans following dog bites or exposure of a broken/injured skin to the saliva of a rabid dog.

Rabies affects the central nervous system of the affected individuals. These signs and symptoms take 4 weeks to 12 weeks to develop and they include fever, malaise/ weakness, undue aggression, insomnia, delirium, fear of water, anxiety and some other signs similar to human influenza.

There is no known cure for rabies once the disease has become progressive and signs fully established. Thus, the most ideal method of control is to ensure you vaccinate your pets. Other measures include control of stray dogs and cats in your neighbourhood, preventing your pets from roaming and avoiding contact of your pets with wild animals such as bats.

Visit our clinic today for your routine vaccination against this worrisome zoonotic disease.

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